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After stealing his father's cab one night with intentions to attend a popular party, Naz picks up a young woman, Andrea, and ends up cancelling his plans to spend the evening with her.

After a night of sex and drugs with Andrea, Naz wakes and finds her stabbed to death in her bedroom; he has no recollection of what happened.

Later, Freddy has Calvin laid down in the shower for Naz to retaliate for what he did.

Naz brutally beats Calvin after he calls Naz a "faggot".

After learning from Naz that there was another man with Trevor (which Trevor had lied about), Stone questions Trevor about the other man.Meanwhile, Chandra views security footage from the night of and sees a hearse driver, Mr.Day, who spoke to Andrea and later followed Naz out of a gas station.In the middle of the night, Naz uses the bathroom, and when he comes back, he finds his bed set on fire.After having his arm cut by another prisoner, Naz meets with Freddy again, and Freddy tells him he wants to help Naz because Naz's intelligence is refreshing.

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Stone visits Naz in prison, where he learns that he's no longer Naz's lawyer.

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